looking to do horde achievments w/ dedicated lobby

hey people, what happening with you?<br></br>

i'm trying to get a lobby of 5 dedicated players together to do all the horde achievements on casual(because casual should take the least amount of time) for all the map packs...<br></br>

if you want to get your horde achievements done and you have all the maps,  please post here and don't send this account Friend Requests, this is a silver account and can't play MP, but my gold one can.


if you're  wanting in this means you're agreeing not to get frustrated and quit out of the match. we'll play till however many rounds are required until we're done with that map.. even if that means beating 50.<br></br>

we stay in pairs and work as a team, no AFKing, reviving people, etc... how does this coming Friday night 9 PM US Central/10PM Eastern time sound ?


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I already have the Horde ones, but if I'm on and you're a man short, send me an invite.

im down for this send me an invite...i have some of the achievments but still need most of em

I should be getting most of them by next friday but I will lend a hand just as my buddies have helped me out. If you need an extra player or 2 let me know. A couple of my friends are always down for GoW. I suck but they are really good. shout out to you - you know who you!

add me, I am after the horde achievements this week and next, GT is Foobnum

Feel free to add me too

If you're still doing this this week, I'm down. Was too busy last weekend.

I got them already but i'll help if ya want hit me with message or invite and I'll help

I could do with some of these if anyone wants to send me an add

I need to finish up the achievements for both Nowhere and Memorial maps if anyone wants to send me a FR request. II could start at level 30 for both