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Hi All

After many years break I have got xbox live connected again but do  not really know anyone on live other than a few mates that I enjoy playing on live with, however due to other commitments it is rare we are on live at the same time.

I am 31 and not a hardcore gammer and play purely to have fun and be social and also like seeing how others play the games and trying to improve my own game play and stats etc.

I am sorry but I am looking for gamers around my age that also play for the same reasons I do and that do not fly off the handle at others on live and become abusive to others (not on).

I am not a huge fan of the game but do play Black Ops purely because I know I can always get a game on live and I do not know what other games are popular.

I have played brink but was not a fan.

I do have BF3 and MW3 and Dead Island on pre order.

As I said just looking for some genuine honest fun as I am not very good at games anymore due to having my middle finger amputated 2 weeks ago but have found a way to manage to be able to still play despite pain and my initial fear of not being able to play xbox after being told I would loose the finger.

I play mostly late at night and am in Brisbane Australia and usualy play after 9pm for a good few hours and during the day on weekends and can not stress enough that I do not want to play with rude arrogant pple and should you be one you will promptly be removed even if your rude to others and not directed at myself.

Cheers All and hear is to fun games ahead


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Thanks for that dark gear, will take a look thanks again

Hello, if you want to add some friends then come over to http://www.pingxbox.co.uk for a great, fun, social clan. We are newly set up but being backed up some of the best web designers in the world (they created Heello, www.heello.com). Anyway, we are looking for new people, we don't care about K/D or trial periods etc just having a laugh. As soon as Battlefield  3 is out we are going to be playing it like there is no tommorowand the same with FIFA 12, Driver San Franscisco.

If we sound like the people you wanrt to make friends with then please come over http://www.pingxbox.co.uk , sign up, say hello and we will all welcome you with open arms.

See you there soon, Kamikaze or A DARK GEAR.