Looking for zombies players to get or assist with WaW Der Riese zombie achievements

I'm posting this thread regarding WaW here b/c this board is much more active than the WaW board, so please don't flame.


I'm missing a couple zombies achievements for map pack 3 in Call of Duty: World at War (Call of Duty 5).  I am looking for achievement hunters or skilled zombies players that want to aim at getting past round 20 on Der Riese.  Post here or send me a message over XBOX LIVE if you are interested.


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If ya don't already know I seen a video about this map that allows you to upgrade your perks ie.for jug it allows u to take one extra hit they are located around the map in like a glass with red liquid in them. This will most definitely help u to go to the later rounds

So does that mean you're interested?

Sorry don't have waw anymore or wud of helped u

I usually get between level 17 and 22 right now, I've been to level 26, it was with guys that were Mic'd and on board with a game plan and we all had the right weapons, jug spd cola, quik reviv Db lTap RB Quik reviveetc...  You gotta leave a crawler and have jug and speed cola, you need ray guns and WW, Monkies and BB's and the buoy knife, and all doors open by round 20, and back in the mainframe or on the catwalk by rnd 20.

I did this strategy with this guy where we just opend up the door on the side where the lab is, you don't open the Thompson room, or the catwalk area, so no buoy knife or quick revive and once the ?? box is gone it's gone. You camp out in the room at the top of the stairs across the bridge above the Thompson room. All the zombies try to come in through the window in that room. they don't come from anywhere else so you have one player that is rebuilding the window and knifing and shooting while the other 3 shoot  zombies. When it slows down make sure to toss a grenade and leave a crawler, one player stays and builds the window to hold the crawler, (usually the player with the lowest points, this gives them an opportunity to rack up points rebuilding the window while the crawler tears it down).  

The others go jug up, speed cola and get bouncing betties, Then someone else holds off the crawler while that player goes and get's his upgrades, you gotta keep the crawler there, then you can start the next round with everyone else in the room, if the crawler gets out,  you might not get him back in the room, then when you kill the crawler,  the next round starts without everybody in the room.

The betties are critical to have all over the room, put them where the zombie dogs spawn, but not near the window. If the zombies breach the window and a betty goes off there,  they fill the room and it gets pretty crazy. As always, if you dont get a crawler between rounds, it's not a good thing. better to make a few crawlers and thin the herd when they quit spawning. we made it to level 20 or21 IDK 4 shur, but we had one squirrely player that opened the stairs to the Thompson room and I accidentaly killed our crawler the prevoius round so we didn't get too far after they started swarming the room from 3 different directions with zombie dogs. I didnt' get the guys gamer tag or I definetly would have sent him a friend request. I totaly want to try this strategy again. You almost have to have everyone Mic'd for this strategy to work, I don't know how you would pull it off otherwise.

Just to recap, this strategy relies on a glitch, A few hard and fast rules here:

Nobody leaves that room while the zombies are spawning, only when you have your crawler behind the window. Nobody opens the door to the Transporter room behind you even if the ?? Box is in there, Dont' do it!  

Nobody opens the door to the teleporter in the back of the map behind the bridge area.

Do not unlock the stairs to the Thompson room Do not open the door to the Double barrell shotgun room or the Thompson room off of the Mainframe (obviously you cant do the latter, if you dont' do the former). \

Hit me up if you want to give it a try.


Fear, I'm totally down, but... WaW isn't in your 'played games' list.  :(

If I get waw do I have to buy Der riese for that again or is my zombie map transferable to all the cod games?