Looking for Zombie easter egg team.

I have not done any of them yet, I've tried but failed. So I'm either putting together a team or looking for one that'll run through them all with me. If anyone is interested, Add my gold Account : SkeletonSolider 


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I'm game, i know moon and call of the dead easter eggs quite well, just missing Shangri La in order to be able to do the Big bang theory on moon.  Add me GT: Varmitt

^^You dont need any cheevos from other DLC to get Moon cheevos. I dont have the Shangri La ones and I did the Moon cheevos.

Looking to do this for Moon as well. I thought the host had to have the achievements from COTD & Shangri La, but haven't been able to confirm otherwise. Only requirements I have are 1. Must have mic 2. I don't want to play with 10 yr old kids. GT PK The CPA

I need cotd and moon...