Looking for UK gaming community

I'm looking for a mature group of players who play Halo: Reach and Dawn of War 2 online. I also play other games on PC including Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, and Global Agenda among others.

I will be buying Gears of War 3 in the near future. I could be tempted into rebuying GRAW2, or R6V2, if anyone plays it. I will be buying Battlefield 3 on PC. I like Street Fighter and FIFA though I don't currently own either having only just recently migrated from PC after nearly a year away from Xbox 360 gaming.

I have no interest in Call of Duty at all, so Call of Duty based clans and communities please save yourselves the trouble.

I'm not really much interested in playing competitively, been there, done that, don't really like the drama it brings, plus I'm getting old and my reflexes aren't quite what they used to be.(though with that said I don't mind filling in if absolutely needed) I just want to find a cool bunch of laid back gamers who are into the same games as I am, who don't cherry pick at every chance they get to be a total ***, and who know how to have a laugh and make me feel like part of the group rather than an addition to it.

If you think your clan/community has what I'm looking for then please leave your site address and contact details below. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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please feel free to sign up and check our forums at Thefaction.freeforums.org my gt is FGC Col Rivera

Hey, in RGC, we have a load of European members, so many that we have a platoon dedicated just to Eastern Hemisphere players ( we have a military ranking structure ). We are professional, beautiful website to post in, and you will have no trouble finding other gamers to play Reach with on your side of the world. If interested:

Go to RGCLIVE.com

Click on FORUM and Register

Make sure to put RGC Brave as referrer

And join the Salvation Battalion

Make sure your username is the same as your gamertag!

Please don't post in the how to join section because your already accepted