Looking for three people to complete easter eggs

Hey I'm looking for 3 others who want to get the following achievements, or can help me with the following achievements:

- Ensemble Cast (Call of the dead easter egg)

- Time Travel Will Tell (Shangri-La easter egg)

- Big Bang Theory (Moon easter egg)

Please have a mic as its too hard to try to do these without one.

I'm on today, send me a message if your interested in getting these achievements as well.


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I need Shangri-la and the moon.  Let me know.  I'm on most days and early evenings.

ya i need the shangri-la one and the big bang one... send me an invite when u want to

i'll be on today. i have moon and know the map inside-out. send me a message.

I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to do moon or shangri-la

il do the moon one, im very active online, and also need the other few achievements for moon if you're interested in helping out! i will be on at 11 tomorrow morning, and on with afew breaks until around 8pm, mail me