Looking for the Best headset, any Ideas?? Not Astros please

I am looking for a good headset i mostly play COD and i want to hear everything and kill everyone. I bought a 300 pair of astro's and sent them back. If you could please be specific like the model number. Like just not Turtle Beaches i need the X#.  Money isn't an issue. i just want the best headset there is. Please i would appreciate any comments. Thank You


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I've got both turtle beach x1 and the x41. X1 are really good but sometimes the bass can be too much but they are wired. The x41s are awesome for everyday gaming, have surround 7.1 and they're wireless. Overall I'm very happy using either but it comes down to your personal preference and feature list. A friend of mine has the tangos. He likes them but rues paying a premium for the black ops branding.

Turtle Beach All The Way

Turtle Beach XP400 it has sound quality like the x41 however there is a bluetooth adapter to replace the chat cord and you can pair it via bluetooth to your mp3 player or phone

I just use dj Sony headphones and a Jabra wired mobile phone mic. headphones cost 80 mic cost 10 bucks

Just a heads up, turtle beaches are garbage :)

Don't get a good headset if you're just playing BLOPS 2. I have Astro A50's and they don't do jack when it comes to sound whoring in this game.

I find the blatant disregard of what the OP has stated in the original post entertaining and completely expected. Probably just read the thread title and ignored the rest.

turtle beach model PX5 its good for xbox and playstation plus it comes with built in bluetooth and less wires and can you could get a bluetooth controllor connector for like 5 $ and then its compleatly wireless bessides the router you have to install to the xbox/playstation