Looking for that slime!

Herros! I need assistance in finding slime, I have only ran across them on two occasions I am currently using the seed called "Pi" and wondered is it just a random interaction or does it have to do with specific seeds on where they spawn, and if it doesn't how the hell do I find these things??!!!???


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They spawn between levels 4-20 above bedrock I believe, so you have to dig down to find them. They need a flat area to spawn and lighting doesn't matter, so I recommend lighting it up to avoid other mobs from spawning. I'd say dig down to bedrock, go up a couple levels, and then flatten out a large area of space, at least 3 blocks high and some should spawn eventually, as long as you're far enough away. They're rare so be patient. Some kind of difficulty has to be on as well. Good luck!

Hmmm, I see. Well then I guess I have to open up some caves I found then. Thank you, your post has been most informative. =]

I have found if you dig a hole 2 deep in a wall then place tnt it will make a 9x9 square by continuing to do this you can make  different paths and put up torches every 4-5 blocks, then leave the area for until night time, I have had great success finding slimes this way