Looking for suggestions ...

I'm old.

I just turned 37, my job has turned into a career, and my kids are no longer babies but have actual personalities.  I no longer have a fraction of the time I used to.  It's not that I no longer enjoy gaming, in fact I genuinely miss the 'selfish' time I previously had. I currently get a chance to play in increments of an hour or two maybe twice a week.

Also, I'd have to say my tastes have dramatically changed within the last few years as well.  It's felt like I've been 'forcing' myself to continue playing a genre I no longer have much of a connection to.  I've always enjoyed the team shooter and was usually average to almost very good.  I still have the desire to pit myself against others but recognize its a skill that can very easily be lost without playing regularly (never mind the handicap of not knowing the maps well). I never wanted that guy on my team dragging everyone down so I'd hate to turn into that guy. Also my tolerance for squeakers is almost nil.  I'm not being rude, I think I'd barely be able to talk to a raging, hate filled 13 year old in real life.  I would not willing choose to pipe them directly into one ear during my downtime.

So here's my question.  What's out there to play?  I've enjoyed the stealth games, (Splinter Cell, Assassins ...) but I don't know of many like them.  What game can a (mostly) mature guy enjoy that doesn't involve just a massive investment of time?  Arcade games seem to have no appeal to me. I've tried several but I'm old enough to have thrown away a good chunk of time at an actual arcade and I've no real desire to revisit them.

This is my wall of text. Any ideas?

Suggest a game that isn't a shooter, that isn't life consuming to play but isn't Kinect Disney.


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I'm old, i'm 37 and totally understand. My game time went from many hours a day a few years back to a humble 1 or 2 (very tired almost asleep) hrs  recently after the birth of my 4th child. Defo stopping at 4.

If you are looking for some good stealthy games i would recommend Hitman and Dishonored, both of which can be played a bit gung ho if you like but definately favour stealth. Btw, there are some decent "arcade" games worth your time. Just because they are found in the arcade section on the store doesn't necessarily mean they are arcade in nature. I've heard that Mark of the ninja is really good and also stealthy but have yet to try that.

Anyway, yeah, getting old and having less game time sucks a bit at times. I've kind of given up organising teams to play co-op and competitive games and play more single player now as they can be paused when things happen around the house without annoying any team mates.



Dead Space 1 & 2


Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3


Singularity is a good one too


He said not a shooter. Going to be hard...

Hey I'm 37 as well. I have kids so I know what you mean. I sacrifice sleep to play. Most nights I only get about 4-5 hours of sleep so I can play. Luckily I'm used to it so my performance at work doesn't suffer.


Sleeping Dogs is good to pick up here and there. Dishonored like said above is really good. I know you said arcade games have no appeal to you, but Trine 2 is pretty cool and so is The Walking Dead.


Maybe we will get lucky and Thief 4 is still in development and will come out eventually. That will hopefully satisfy your stealth needs, but so will Dishonored.


for stealth I am really impressed with deus ex human revolution, it's at most $20, I got it for $10 a few weeks ago

[quote user="Tactical Burst"]

He said not a shooter. Going to be hard...

[/quote]Read everything except for the last line

Hard to suggest because most of the good games that aren't shooters take time. Ironic, isn't it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution might be a good buy. Though I must tell you that if you're planning to play it on the Xbox 360 (rather than PC), prepare yourself for some LONG load times. Considering that you said that you don't have that much time, you might be spending a significant portion looking at the load screens.


Though not stealth, Mirror's Edge is very entertaining and different!

I'd semi-recommend Mirror's Edge, only semi because the game was too short for me.


smplguy @

Sonic Generations

The Amazing Spider-Man

Asura's Wrath

Blue Dragon



Sonic Adventure 2 (It was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast but it's now on the XBLA in HD)

Too Human (If you like Diablo check this one out, it's really cool)

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham City

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi (It's a sort of fighting game with a lot of quick time event buttons, like, Asura's Wrath)

Lost The Video Game (Unfortunately it only gets really interesting by the end)

I'd like to point out that though deus ex could be a shooter, its about the same way splinter cell is as a shooter.  warning that the first part of the game sucks because you can only really use a gun, but its only the first level


you die pretty fast in the game, there are a decent amount of side missions but if you work on it shouldn't take to long to beat the game.


it's $20 in almost every store, which is about the price of most arcade games and is pretty fun.

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