Looking for strictly Hardcore players to game with

Hello, my name is Valerie and I live in Canada, ON so my time zone is EST. I roughly get on afternoons or evenings. I'm not looking for a clan at the moment, just want some new faces to game with. I play tend to steer towards the Hardcore games, usually Search & Destroy, Domination or Team Deathmatch. However, I do like some Party Games every now and then. I don't care for KD or wins, just want to play with people (Even after the XP weekend is up). I don't think I'm God like at the game, but I don't think I suck either, I usually go positive, especially in Search. Please send me a msg through Xbox because I don't usually check the forums as often. Please also send me a msg and not just a friends request because I do get requests daily and I tend to decline them, thank you. Hope to game with you soon (:
- Toxic Purity 


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