Looking for specific type of people from my friends list (EXCLUSIVE)

Lol hi, I recently got my XBOX back after being away from it for 5 months, I got halo 4 today and max payne 3, with the xbox, I also have some older games too I plan to get GOW JUDG and COD BO2 next week (wouldnt mind a few game suggestions tbh). ANYWAY Im looking for certain type of people to add as I've met to many undesirables and its just a waste of time so requirements are as followed:

People who dont take it to seriously.

People who like to win but dont cry and moan if they lose

People who can take a joke

People who talk and dont go silent for a hour just breathing down the mic

People who like to share ideas and listen to other peoples ideas

People who just like to have fun 

People who have social lives

If this is you then add


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I hate to say this, but the last "requirement", "People who have social lives", call me crazy but I think if they have social lives, they won't be playing Xbox much. Just have to put that out there. But I feel ya on the friend's list/ xbox gaming situation. Not too many desirables, but there are some good folk floating around. I met some so far after getting back into xbox a while back. So good luck with the whole search!