Looking for someone to do some Co-op

If possible I'd prefer a girl to join, so it doesn't feel as awkward when going for the marital achievements. Its ok for a guy to join as well, I just need someone to play with, and is on a female character. So, if you'd want to play with me send me a message/FR. And its is appreciated if you have a working mic. Thanks :D

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I'm not that far on the main quest, I'm doing more side quests first, and this is my 8th playthrough. And am going for some achievements.



And I would like to apologize in advance, my mic is a little messed up.


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i just need the achievement i dont care if your a girl or not


I'm wanting the co-op achievements also.  Don't care if you're boy or girl, it's not real.  

I can help just let me know (:

^ same for me