Looking for some rookies to play with

I got NBA 2K12 about a month ago, and so far it's been a great addition to my library. I'm just looking for players around the same skill level as me. I'm not that great, but I'm not bad. I play very well during team ups rather than 1v1. If you're a rookie too, hit me up and we can play some games.


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Hey there. I got 2K12 for christmas. Great game so far.  I have not played a basketball game in a while and working on the shooting stick. (cool but harder than hitting x).

When do you normally play?

Yeah I haven't played a basketball game since about 2001, back when I was on the N64 haha. I'm on at random points throughout the day. My schedule at work is sporadic.  I'll usually be on between 8pm-2am EST if I'm not doing anything.

Yeah, I got the game for Christmas and haven't play NBA since I bought 2k6. Hit me up if you wanna play sometime.

Hey yer im online at the moment playing 2k12, NervusChimp < gamertag hit me up!

Im not a rookie at 2k but if you are still willing to play with someone, you can add me, plus its always good to play with someone better than you

Sounds good.