Looking for some new gamer friends

what up guys/gals, ive been on live for 4 yrs and was a HARDCORE gamer for 3 of them. i play CoD mostly. SuThRn HeLlZoNe is the tag so hit me up some time.


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i was gonna add ya but i saw ur gamertag and that u mostly play CoD kind of made me not want to.


I prefer Haddock.

yea i see that you play BFBC2. im glad you didnt. no offense.

Why would COD or BFBC2 stop each other from adding one another?

Now boys . . . play nice in the sand box.

i play online with ANYBODY. he decided to make the comment and i fired back. ive got friends that play both games but i just prefer CoD.

[quote user="Green Eyed Leo"]

Now boys . . . play nice in the sand box.

[/quote]hell no >:0