Looking for some new friends

Hi i need some new friends as my current ones only seem to play very mainstream games i.e. Modern warfare 3 etcetera.. etcetera 

I like to play games like 

  • RTS (Real Time Strategy) -Halo Wars- -Command and conquer 3 Red Alert & Tiberium wars-  -Risk Factions- and a few others
  • FPS (First Person Shooters) -The Halo Series-  -Battlefield 2&3- -Call Of Duty Black ops (ZOMBIES)-  -Counter Strike- 
i play a great geal many more games but im to lazy to list them all.
i dont mind peoples ages. so long as you act in a moderate mature manner im sure we could be great friends. feel free to message me ingame for any thurther details#
Extra details: Im 18 Male from the UK. just though to mention that before someone adds me then freaks out about me being British.
PS. i dont care about you'r Gender im not ignorant or supid just so you know 
PPS. Boarderlands 2 will be awsome
Sincerely Ego. 

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*Fist Bump*

B-Bump !

Firstly, you come on a gaming forum and feel the need for descriptions, "RTS (Real Time Strategy)", I'm almost insulted.

Secondly, how are the games you listed any less mainstream than MW3, C&C is the most mainstream RTS available.

Anyway, despite your silly view, my GT is on the left. Currently playing BF3, ME3, L4D2 to name a few.

Balls in your court now.