Looking for some interesting people

The title says it all really. I am just looking for some cool people to play games with or play halo 4 with. I do ask that no one affiliated with a clan add me since I don't like being in super loud parties or being around super competitive people. (No offense to the few of you who don't roid rage when you are losing.) Oh and no kids. Sorry kiddos but I don't like to censor myself and I don't think anyone below 17 should be playing an M for mature game anyways. Anywho! Uhh... Yeah so if any relaxed people want to play just let me know.


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I'm 11, extremely competitive and I rage like you've never heard before. I also head the premier clan for under 12's.


Want to play?


Yea I have a rage problem too so counts me out sorry. I stopped using my mic cause my rep goes down for trash talk :(

And I'm Mexican :(