Looking for some help changing landscape

I have decided i want to try to recreate most of south park in minecraft and first thing i have to do is flatten most of the land ,fill caves ,ect before i start . Im looking for a few people to jump in and help this go faster it means get rid of trees and store most things into some chests i have in my fort also sleeping as soon as it gets dark to skip past most monsters . Im looking for a few people to help and i am on right now so just send me a message if you can help . Thanks :)


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anyone ?

i still want to help you i just got wrapped up in trying to get situated and you know. got hooked for a minute lol.

can you see your tool and bar at the bottom in MP tho? because i cant ...

hey sorry just saw your post and yeah i can see it thats weird

thought i would bump this one last time for people who missed it . Also if you just want someone to play with feel free to add me we dont exactly have to do this its just what im working towards :)

"sleeping as soon as it gets dark to skip past most monsters " Why don't you just do peaceful mode?

because i still like an added challenge . Plus if i take a break and go mining or something i want to run into some monsters . I dont like building or collecting at night very much anyways unless its in a well lit area so atm until i start building i want to skip past it :)

What doc said