Looking for some friends

Alright. My name is Bradley , and I'm 12, but I'm not like other kids. I'm considered "weird" at school, because of how I am. While other kids are worried about sports, I like to tend to grades and video games. I can say I'm mature for my age and I'm not for anything other kids are. Bullying, being popular, and just being bad are things I'm against. I love everything in life, and everyone, no matter what they do or are, or what they have done. I play Halo, Saints Row, Gears of War, and sometimes Call of Duty. I like Fallout and Elderscrolls as well. I also play PC games like Maplestory and WoW. I make youtube videos and I'm very into Legend of Korra and Avatar. I also like to read Halo and I'm intrigued by the Assassins Creed story. I also LOVE Mass Effect. If you feel like just playing casual gaming, then add me. SpazzyScorpion. Any age, any skin, any gender, I hope you come :P.


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