Looking for Some Friendly Scrims

Looking to help some of my clan members out by making them use teamwork. So, I'm just looking for some teams to face for friendly scrimmages. Preferably not against like super mega beast clans lol. Just message me on XBL to set up some scrims.


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Hey man just hit me up if you really want to. What gametype though, we don't really do HC just to let you know.

Yeah we don't do HC either. lol. We'll probably be doing TDMs and SnD. And if you guys wanna do any other gametype just lemme know.

Dude im just saying HCTDM Is way easier than Core if you run with your clan in HC youll beast it up so once you do that you can Hit up CAG at CAGisf.com

Eh, just not much of a HC player. Idk bout the others, but its just me.

It will Force you to use team work it makes you talk more it what you wanted right

true..thanks for the tip man


Challenge us to any game ur choice it would be fun.