Looking for some advice

I'm thinking about getting this having returned NFS as I wasn't impressed with it at all, the main issue I had with previous Forza games was that they were too intense and me as a casual racer could never seem to get into it. NFS was more a pick up and play games which suited me!

I love online races too so is this Forza good for that?

Thanks for any advice.


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Horizon is designed around the casual racer with bits and pieces of the traditional Forza games sprinkled sparingly.  While I prefer Forza 4, Horizon is tons of fun and while you can take the races seriously, you are really only there to have fun.  The online with trusted friends can be very entertaining but the stranger lobbies can prove idiotic and not fun.  I am willing to bet you will enjoy this game but remember T10 did not design the game, Playground Games did and for what they made will surely prove to be a great cousin of the Sim-based Forza all while keeping the casual racer in mind!

Keyword "CASUAL" not "SIM or HARDCORE".

I felt the same way as Blaydon. Was a huge NFS fan and kinda stayed away from Forza. Horizon is a completely different story. A casual racer will really enjoy this game. If you end up getting it, look me up :) Our club could use some members too. Pretty casual group of people hehe. Lots of fun!

I agree, but I've loved forza since the beginning. If you've got some friends that you enjoy racing with and just have fun the online is a blast. The single player starts to suck alot after you've beaten everything in single player. If you get it add me or if you want a cool club to be in talk to thestoneshooter, were laid back and not afraid to help one another.

I just picked up Forza:Horizon, what club are you guys talking about?

Our car club, send thestoneshooter a message if you want to join. If you just want to hit some online add me. I'll help out with anything you need

NFS was bad, I think you would enjoy this