Looking for serious Team Players For BF3, ACE Combat: AH , MW3 , and Forza 4. ONLY SERIOUS TEAM PLAYERS

I need players ready to take on all the other clans out their. I have been apart of a few clans/teams/squads whatever you want to call it. B4 i joined clans i was very green and 90 percent of the time i would end a match with horrible k/d ratio's. I want to start a new clan but not just a bunch of people argueing over leadership. If im going to Start a Sucessful clan i need good hard working well motivated members. I need Snipers , Assult specialist's , Medics , Pilots , Drifters , Oval Racers , Circut Pros' and all of the above. Look what has happened this past month... Microsoft gods have blessed us with the very best games anyone can ask for. Now all we need are good people I dont care if you bought ur Xbox last month all i want to see is people comeing togeather to take over XBOX LIVE and we can do it.. So if your interested SERIOUSLY INTERESTED , lets put togeather a Clan to beat all other clans. If their is one thing i have learned in life it is 2 heads are better then 1 and 100 heads desimate all.


    Now im not tring to do this over night but i would like to see serious gamers ready to learn and to teach. My own attributes are as follows, I consider myself a pro when it comes to planes/helicopters. Ive also Never lost 1 oval or circut race on forza3 or 4 but i do need to work on BF3 and when it comes out MW3 so i need people who want to teach and people who are willing to go the extra mile to help make this Clan what it can be..!! So if you have any questions please email me *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and look me up on Live.. Please think about what i said and really open your mind to a team mindset...


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Il join, but only for battlefield 3, i dont have any of the other games.