My friend and I have been working on a map now for close to 2 years. It will be 2 years in October. Originally it was established to be a world, sometime after a major hit from a large meteorite. At this point I'm not sure if we are still going for giant space rock...but we are still going for a post-apocalyptic scenario. So far we have a city center with a large park. Lots of different businesses and building types. We also have some suburbs with neighborhoods and community based environments. We have a great thing going right now and we are very close to being able to realize our full vision for it. However, we are hoping to quicken the process by letting some new blood into the project. We feel, at this point it would be beneficial to get some other builders involved, get their style and take on modern civilization. Help us find mistakes, or things we totally forgot to add! We want your input and fingerprints on this map, if you are willing to join us. We also have plenty of open spaces and lots that need to be fleshed out (around 30% in fact), as well as a large section of undeveloped, raised land, set aside for a smaller, but more ritzy/futuristic looking city, since they opened up the sky for us, we wanted to build some REALLY cool and tall structures! Again, all of that would be greatly benefited by having other eyes and hands on the project. If this sounds like something you would be interested in looking into, we can discuss a time and day to hold an online session of the map and let y'all run around and stuff! Sadly, we are unable to provide pictures because of some technical oversights...but it's best to come see for yourself anyway!

In the end, when the map is filled and thriving and to our liking/ready to be published for all, we are going to be including all of these aspects. (played within Survival/Hard Mode)
-ALL Minecraft Play/Rules Apply
-Looting (like Fall Out)

Pretty much anything you want to see in this map, can be done. We want your input! And we would like your help!

We aren't looking for a huge team either, just like one or two cool people, who like to build realistic homes and businesses and whatnot is perfect. Feel free to hit either one of us up on Xbox Live my Gamertag is BeaverOvensFan420 (Josh) and

Or you can email me at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***


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Have you got any builders yet

sure ill build send me a request if you want