Looking for seasoned and experienced builders.

Looking for builders to help with a large project I am undertaking. This kind of project would take me months alone but with help it can be done much faster. Things I'm looking for is that you being able to listen and build as told. Most of the time I'll have you copying what I build or repeating patterns or stacking blocks. The most important thing though is that you are able to listen and build accurately and not make mistakes. Mistakes cost time because you need to destroy and then rebuild. 


This is what I'm currently working on, it is not near done. The walls will be longer than that. The platform will go further back. And sitting on top the platform will be a palace comparable in detail and stature to this: 


That is not what I will build exactly but it is good inspiration to keep in mind as I'm building.

If you're interested in helping me with this project my gamertag is Zantraxer


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