Looking for Rock Band drum kit

Hey, does anyone know where I can get a new Rock Band drum set?  I can't find one to purchase anywhere besides the $200 one from mad catz and ion or whatever.  I just want a simple drum kit that came with the game. I wouldn't even mind buy an entire new bundle package that come with the guitar, mic and drums.  I just can't find it anywhere. 


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No doubt it's getting harder and harder to find instruments, but have you tried eBay?  Not only can you probably find a new drum kit, you could still probably find an unopened Bundle there as well, good luck...:-)  

Right on!  I appreciate the help!  Thank you very much, Arkham!  

Same here, but I cant seem to find the drum set I want =/

Amazon? I saw a bundle with a drum kit and the Hofner bass guitar from The Beatles: RB about a month ago.

I'm selling my drum kit anyways.

I been looking for the ion drumset but apparently they do not make those anymore 

I got lucky and found my ION drum kit on ebay about a year ago. It was listed as a core unit but when it arrived it was actually the premium one with the 2 cymbal expansion. Yeah i guess i was lucky. I paid $279.99+shipping. Bad thing about the ION drums is that after awhile the pads develope bubbles on the surface and you get alot of missed notes because of it. There are youtube videos showing how to fix it but you would think that for how much they asked for them that it would have been made of a better quality material. Oh well, such as life i guess.

The bubbles are actually very simple to fix. I've played on a few electronic kits in the past, and I can assure you that after a great deal of playtime, they will develop bubbles. The best way to fix it is to flatten the pad as best you can, then rest something heavy like a book on it after you have finished playing. When I had my ion, I did this maybe once and it lasted for a year and a half. The only problem I have with the ion is of course the pedal. Fortunately, there are some great replacements on Amazon like the Omega which I highly recommend.