Looking for reach friends

Im just getting back into halo again and i could use some new friends. Im not looking for pro players just people who enjoy the game and likes to have fun. So send me a FR online and lets play some games




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Im just getting back into it too lol. I've been playing everything else. Shame on me, its such a good game. Add me if ya want.

Always looking to Halo with with new players. Add me if you want.

Use to have a nice big thread for this. I guess it was deleted with the old forums. :(

oh no man all those gamertags lost and I bet if someone creates a new one it will get blocked or deleted

but yeah I'm getting back to reach one of these days, still dont have none of the map packs, shame on me

Yeah I met alot of cool people from the last FR thread in the old halo forums. Someone should start up a new one

I will when they put the actual Halo forums up.

sounds like a plan

I would like to be a part of this thread...but I am particular about my friends.  For all who wish -- Please let me know the following and then I can determine if we should be Halo friends:


1) What is your preferred weapon?

2) What is your preferred AA?

3) What map are you good at? / What map are you worst at?

4) In team games, do you actively use the mic to coordinate attack AND defense?

5) Can you snipe - not-at-all, moderately, good, excellent?

6) What time-of-day do you play?

7) Which is more important to you - winning the game OR having the highest kill total on our team...win or lose?

8) Do you have an unusual..almost unhealthy...preoccupating with teabagging your opponents?

9) Is every other word out of your mouth a curse word....to the extend that Richard Pryor would tell you to cool it?


I'll send FRs to people whose answers make sense to benefit my having fun in the game

@tabasco cat - Dude, thats just too much. I hope your kidding lol. No one would be eager enough to add you with those specific preferences unless you were a celebrity lol. Not to be an @@@ :\

1) DMR, Needle Rifle and Snipe. Sword, Shotgun, Plasma Launcher if they're going spare.

2) Sprint or Evade, but I won't use them if I can avoid it.

3) The Cage. I'd be surprised to lose, ever, on The Cage/Uncaged. Countdown is also a strong point. I'm perfectly solid at any map, I don't let teams down, but any map that supports the use of Armour Abilities is going to be one I'm worse at.

4) Yes I do.

5) Pretty damn well. Perfectly solid here as well, I'll take care of guys I don't kill with a hit.

6) Any time from about two or three in the afternoon to six in the morning at the latest.

7) Having the highest K/D in the match is most important to me. I don't need the highest Kills but I aim for the highest K/D at all times. Don't worry though, I don't hide to maintain that. I'll be a worthwhile member of a team.

8) No. I don't teabag more than a single crouch if I teabag someone at all, and teabagging someone is a rarity.

9) Yes it is. I can't say that that's changing any time soon either, but it's definitely on a list to get sorted out. I use cursewords casually, the way others may say 'Bummer, I'm dead'.


Not too much at all, Despair, and I only did that as a trial. All we have left to do now is play together and see just how well we can work as a team.

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