Looking for ppl to play that are NOT little kids, more like 21 and over

i know that makes me sound old lol but im really sick of playing and having little kids screaming and yelling and playing with the mic to make "sound effects". its beyond annoying. i dont always have my mic on, i usually turn it on when im pissed. but i would like to have someone to actually play with that isnt a serious gamer and isnt 12. my GT is TiiiffyJaee09. im just getting the hang of it, ive only been playing it for a few weeks now, i usually play BO2. but ive been playing COD4 a lot lately. :) and im never opposed to those "infections" things. love love love lol


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[quote user="TiiiffyJaee09"]and im never opposed to those "infections" things.[/quote]

Participating in modded/infected lobbies will eventually get you a permanent xbox live ban.

Im 29 if your interested in playing sometime together. I normally play with other people my age I play all cods, battlefield4 and is looking for help on my minecraft castle before it goes up on youtube.