Looking For Police Clan

Hello, I Am Looking For a New Police Clan...

If Your In 




I Rather Stay Away From Those Clans If Anyone Has Any Other Clan Or Knows A Clan That Needs New Members Please




- Tyler


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Well, I've been in a fair share of clans and the best one that has worked out for me is AEF, but since you stated that you would like to stay away from clans like AEF, nevermind. I've seen some really small clans on youtube, but I don't know. Best of luck to you in your search!!

I have one the LCUP if you want to join message me or go to www.xogc.enjin.com

No No No go to lcmetropd.createmybb3.com! Just give it a try. Send in an app today I'm not even kidding it is a great clan we just need a couple more members.

Check out this vid if you still don't wanna: [View:http://www.youtube.com/user/Forestrees1234#p/u/5/qncOwRMBOTo]

Hello there, Tyler. If you are still interested in a clan, try LCPD 53. We are an equal opportunity clan. For more information, contact me via XBL Messaging if interested.

@ Dieggz. I've noticed you try to "persuade" people to join your clan through the use of multiple posts and several topics that flood the forums. Why can't you just let the person pick what he wants? It's bad reputation for a clan to try and force themselves on someone. And also, don't take this the wrong way, if you are such a "good" clan, why do you need more members?

^K umm actually, the idea is kinda to persuade people to join your clan. That's kinda how you get members.I'm not just gonna say yeah join our clan. I'm going to tell them why they should. This is only my SECOND POST on these forums so I don't know what you're talking about me persuading people on "multiple posts". Were not forcing anyone to join and don't put words in my mouth please. And you ask why do you need members if we're such a good clan. Umm you need members to have a clan and every member counts and makes your clan better.

@Dieggz, my mistake. You were the wrong person. It was HMG which my last comment was directed at; my mistake. Yes, I understand that you post only to persuade other players. No harm, no foul. However, all clans that recruit should be careful not to force their clan on people.

@LegendOfGta Ya, xHMGx has gotta stop flooding the forums with posts. And I don't think he realizes all he is doing is accumulating bad reputation for his clan., which isn't great to start with. Anyway on my other post, I know you asked me if I did LIFE in my clan. Unfortunately, I don't but I am thinking about it. Anway, I was one your site and I noticed that we are both in the ANTF. I knew your GT sounded familiar. That's a funny coincidence.

@LegendOfGta That's fine we all make mistakes :P ...

@Nightstrike812, I'm sorry but that information is outdated. I am no longer a part of ANTF. We worked well with them for a time but then we just had a falling out. I see you are talking about the jimdo one. I have two other sites. Ok; no big. RP isn't for everyone. HMG may be a jerk for flooding the forums but he did inspire to try RP, even though my clan slightly utilizes it now. To the OP of this topic, I am done posting and "derailing" this thread, as HMG would put it.

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