Looking for playmates


Im an below average player who wants to improve my bf3 skils. I am looking for more people to play with so that I can learn to play the game as a teamplayer.
Microphone is preferable.

Personally I like being **** and recon. Engineer on maps with aircraft.

I use a PX21 headset and I have clan experience from earlier games.




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I did have fun playing a Sniper only server a few hours back, used the M417, it's pretty good, got around 70 kills with it and won a few matches in a row. Sucks it was, as you put it, "Nosehair" canals.

I play in Europe btw.

Yeah, too much Recon.  Recon is only good on TDM.

Play Assault or Support.  Revive, heal, and drop ammo.

Play Engineer, destory vehicles.  Just don't play Recon.  It's not a team-players class

Hmm.. so far i've not been overflooded with requests.


If you enjoy playing bf3 just for fun, dont hesiate to send me a msg! :)

Checked your stats:



That's a lot of Recon time. If you want to improve your BF3 skills, I recommend to drop your Recon play time right now and begin to focus on the objective, not on kills. I guess you're transitioning from CoD to BF? Or are you just.. testing out BF? Either way, Recon is a pretty terrible kit if you're 50 miles from anyone.... which most Recon's do.


EDIT: You might want to include your time zone in the future, because of lag in different servers. This is also not me ragin at ya, I'm just telling you how to become a better Battlefield player. Course you might get flamed by the regulars, or I might for some unknown reason... but still, that's my opinion.

Playmates, huh? What do you have in mind? I have a jar of peanut butter, a latex suit, and George Michael mix CD. You down?

Hmm, troubling. I may as well just hop in Jet, at they don't lag (LOL, flares probably won't work 100% of the time with lag)

I'll play with you, but I can't for another 5 days.

Hi, thanks for the reply!


I have stopped played that much recon, and now I just do it when im not up to 100% gaming.


My latest games will prob show more how I play, than whats on my battlelog! :)

Sure, I would play now, but it's 4:30 in the morning... so....yeeeaaaahhhhh. :|