Looking for players/guild who want to trade in Daggerfall Covenant

I have just started playing ESO.  I have 4 characters (1 main + 3 alts I use purely for crafting).  My characters are in the Daggerfall Covenant.  I plan on leveling up my alts in each of the crafting areas and I am looking for characters or a guild who wants to do some trading.  I need to buy materials/recipes now to level up my crafting skills.  I usually play early in the morning East Coast time (4am - 6am) and would also be willing to party up with anyone who plays at that time.  If you are part of a good trading guild in Daggerfall please send me an invite.  Or, if you are over 18+ and play at the times I am on feel free to send me a group invite.  My gamertag is DoublePayBack.


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