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Need some mature people who communicate well to win some games. I have an average KDR, it is 1.57 but i will have it over 2 soon ;) Your kdr doesnt matter just want cool people to play with.


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Add me play a lot especially on my off days I don't have a huge KDR but I usually score in the top three every match and tackle healing, reviving, repairing, giving ammo, and taking objectives. I also spot like crazy and am trying to unlock a lot of the objectives.

KDR dont really matter in this game IMO,Mine is shocking from when i was a Noob and this was my first online FPS but im still usually top 3ish,much better now.Feel free to add.

KDR doesn't really matter unless you play SDM exclusively. A high objective score is the sign of a battlefield player.

Depends if you play hardcore or normal core. I have around 20 friends that play hardcore with me and we're on almost daily. We're not a clan or anything, we don't even put on a similar "tag" but we do communicate and try. We also make vroom vroom noises while driving ATVs.

feel free to ad me

You all can add me if you all want.....am a real go getter..lol

Add me if you want. My KD is 1.30, but I focas on playing the objective more then getting loads of kills.

Feel free to add me. I just switched from COD.

Kinda sick of being stuck on my own or playing with randoms who sit by a rock the whole game and get 2 kills.

I play mostly SDM, and don't mind whether its normal or hardcore.

HBomb, I'll send you a friend request. I probably won't be on today or tomorrow, but I should be on a lot next week. I have a large list of friends and it would be a great opportunity for you to learn a real Battlefield game mode. No offense to you or anything, but large scale rush and conquest games are a lot more fun than small 4 v 4 games of tdm. They  just don't showcase what Battlefield is all about, large scale battles and teamwork!

No offence taken,

I tried rush on hardcore, there was me and about 5-6 snipers & we were the attackers. It didn't bode well.

I play mostly SDM as that's the comparable mode from COD that I am mainly used too. On COD:BO I can jump into a game against anyone and do really well 95% of the time. Making the jump to Battlefield I can see that the key element is teamwork. Without that element its quite hard to do well. Thats why I'm trying to find like minded gamers to enjoy the game with.

I will gladly accept your FR. I usually play daily around 10pm for 2-3 hours. Possibly more at the weekend, football & beer dependent.

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