Looking for players.

No one plays this game anymore, and it's pretty dumb because it's such a great game online. there isn't one bad thing about this game, not like COD or BF games when all you can do is complain and yell at bad team members and bad calls. Any way, I want to bring this game back into play.


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im not too good on graw or g2 but i love the game,siege is the game mode hands down.i thought graw1 was better,i hate that dumbass knee slide in 2,and one runs smoother for me,hit me up if you want to play,im sure i have graw 1 in the draw.future soldier demo is said to be out on the 12 th of this month.quality

Their wont be a demo, there is an online Beta coming out in March. But you need the Spliner Cell Convicition game disc to access it (preowned is fine) - you just need a disc

Im on board, west coast or east times?

I think I've played all these games and AWF is pre-ordered. I'm in if your all serious about teamwork. PM me or send me a friend req. on X-box. Let me know what the req. is for.


I'm actually about to finally give it a go. It came with my first 360 a few years back and it's just sitting around nice a fresh to play. I'm good for co-op.

Why don't we all get on GRAW2 instead of 1? Graw 1 is good yes but I think Graw 2 is a little better and has better chances of more online activity. Theres also more maps anbd whatnot that are free to download. If anyone is on board for GRAW2 send me a message and friend request.

add me or message me i'd play

::bump:: I think everyone should get on board for GRAW 2 instead of 1. Also their are 2 free map packs to DL with 7 maps each and also a free guns pack as well. I love GRAW 1 and 2 but I think 2 is a little better, has more maps, and is more active.

Looking for some co op partners for GRAW, as I got it on GonD sale. Not doing to well on my own. Appreciate any help given.