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I just bought this game and I'm looking for players (preferably with mics) to play with. I've played a few matches online and the rooms do get full but it seems like no one is using their mics. I'm assuming the high level players are in party chat. So if anyone is interested please send me a message saying you want to play. If anyone wants to know I'm a lvl 50 on BC2 and a lvl 48 on 1943 so I know the basics. I want to play with people with mics cause I like to play as a team.


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I have a mic, just send me a message when you want to play. I have alot of games and I'm currently playing Bad Company. I also have 1943 and Bad Company 2 with all the DLC including Vietnam if you have those. :) I'm online almost every day, unless I'm busy.

Maybe you guys could help with Squad WildCard? I have a mic, but I use it only when I play with friends. I'm online practically every day.

I'm looking for decent squad mates to play with. Send me a friend request with a message and I'd be happy to join.

I have a mic.

I just got this game about a week ago. Plus I have a mic. Hit me up if you want to play.