Looking for Players who actually want to play through the game!

I am at 16 skill level now. I started the game about 4 times from scratch, with new players each of the times, but it seems they dont want to play the game through. It seems they quit durng the more intense parts of missions. So I assume everyone who is starting a NEW game from scratch is having the same problems, finding new players to stick wiht the game. I like to find some players that are willing to hash it out all the way through and level up at same time! I would start all over again to give it another try at it! Of course i know about some of the cheats mods and i dont like that that takes all the fun out of EARNING you what your acquire. Play fair people! thats what makes it fun! So anyone want to rock?!?! Like I say iam a 16 skill level now and about to face SLEDGE.. and i would like to even find people with same skill level to carry off from there with me. as i completed alot of missions aready (more then once) and would really hate to start again!! So if you are around that same level and wanna cruise on through the rest of the game...hit me up!.. Lets Rock :)

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Ima send you a friend request. I just got the game.

Hi, i  got your request!  :O)   i should say that i have weird hours..  i know alot of people,   most anyways play late at night. I tried .a few times to do that, but. i cant do it cause i get tired and then my gameing slows down. which means i need to get sleep.    I get tired early  so i crash around 8pm.. and then i wake up like about 4am!    I usually throw in a quick game of Blackops in the morning to wake up.. heheh  then i  getingo the rpg games like Borderland  during the after noon

I know it is hard to find a player to play all the way through as i mentioined in my email toyou!.  What i like to do is play through game AGAIN,, but  starting over.. but with someone with  SAME SKILL level and build  the levels   up at the same time. But then what makes it  harder is that the other players will decide to build up thier levele  on tghier own.. and when they the next time they join you they are like  alreay passed. your level .

so thats what  i was saying is that i like to play through the game all the way through working together  at the same time and at the same levels.   But i know it isnt that easy to find people to do that . Thats whahy they should save that character JUST  for that partciualr game so that  they  dont get ahead of  you   and vice versa!

I know the game gets harder and harder and i had some players show me the way around which i  found was a GREAT HELP!  and i built up a high level.  So i am saving that High level character for that particular game with those same players. it seems only fairf.  .. but I will start a new player to start a new game! and build up together.

i would it mind playing though the borderlands game with you i have a level 12 siren i send you a fr request just hit me when you want to play im always down for co-op

hey i am able to reply here..  there is a reply box for me!!. killlller.. i wasnt able to reply before!

LEGEND.. your probly way higher then a level 12 now!.. by now...   plus my high level character is also a siren  so it wouldnt be any good BOTH as sirens!

Thats  why i want to start from scratch  and play a private game  from LEVEL one and  LEVEL UP together..   everytime i start one wiht someone  for the past month or so.. it seems  they only play for a little bit then they  dont continue with it!  it is like WHY bother starting  a game if you dont want to continue with it?!

I will make another attempt on asking  to see if anyone that wants to play from scratch... so If there is any SERIOUS DEDICATED players that   want to join a new private game  to play.. hit me me up!  

i HAVE NO broken missions on my list, but it wouldnt matter anyways if we start from scratch   :O)