Looking for players to play with and against.

All HC modes, mainly HC HQ  (seems to be less hackers). Myself and a friend play alot and we're looking for a good group of players to play with. We finish top 2 every game usually and we just wanna enjoy playing against people that can beat us or give us a good game. No glitchers pleeeease.

Hopefully we can find a dozen or so people to lobby up with so that we can play games without having to have them ruined by people that cheat.

Side Rant:----

For the makers of this game,

just wanna take this moment to say how disappointed I am with you for not sorting out the online mode. Ive played and completed every single COD  that you guys bring out. This game should not be sold advertising online when its so unplayable. Just because a game is newer doesn't mean its more important. Games are brough out to offer choice. Not to force our hand to the newest most expensive. I love call of duty 3 and 4, so i play them alot. You should FIX THEM. I personally wont be buying any more of your games as they seem to get more and more about making money through extra packs etc, and less about the customer. So please fix call of duty 4 because right now it is unplayable on 90% of the game modes, yet i still love it and wish it was back to its best.

Saying that, on the back of the box i did notice it said "One of the DEEPEST online shooters"... I didn't realise that was a foresight for the future "under the map" glitch.


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its a bit pointless answering game requests that are over 12 months old.

I would be down for that. Could always use some good non hackers to play with. Only things is, I don't play HC. I mainly play core SnD...

loool thats funny

Well if you want to play hit me up with a FR or invite!

Hey, i'm in. Hit me up with a FR and i'll play :)

ya i'll play some. im pretty good also. i'm pretty good against hackers especially teleporters... just gotta be quick.

i dont look at that suff to be honest lol