Looking for Players (LoTR:WitN/Hunted:Demons Forge/Dark Souls/The First Templar/...)

Hey all, I'm a 30yo gamer from Portugal and i'm looking for players for some less "popular" games, while it's not hard finding people to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War, finding people to play some other titles can be a huge pain in the @@@, feel free to check out my game library and if you have any common games that you'd like to play send me a pm or add me, currently i'm finishing my 1st playthrough on LoTR:WitN, just started GoW3 and The First Templar aswell and they all support cooperative play.


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You should check out the game-specific forums

boas, será que não há ninguem em portugal , portugues para jogar online ???????????????????

tenho varios jogos e aplicaçoes mas não conheco ninguem que seja portugues para fazer uns torneios online e fale atravez do kinect directamente ,