Looking for Platinum Players

Hello, Im getting a little bored of silver and gold a bit, and I've been playing some platinum, with having some luck with randoms online, but looking for more solid players that are willing to cooperate, and have some fun blowing stuff up with aswell. 

I generally bring a Volus Adept for support, but will play a few other adepts, as well as Salarian Infiltrator and Asari Huntress. Id really like someone who likes playing the Geth Juggernaut, since I've found the Volus works really well with a big tank. Im open to suggestions as long as it doesnt take away from my overall enjoyment of the game.

Im on fairly often, not looking for scheduled times persay, more of just relatively active, and relatively mature players. My gamertag is shown, feel free to send my a message or a friend request.


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I play on Platinum with 3 other people that I know. I would never jump in with randoms my god. I salute you for your ready to drop all equipment mentality towards randoms. You are more brave than I.

Most of the matches i play in platinum are successful, I'm just tired of camping crates in Rio. If it looks like a bad lobby(bad classes and weapons) ill generally try another

Bad is right especially when this dlc hit, I try to go into plats and get folks with avengers and level 1 gear, its very frustrating when your character is decked out to the teeth because you know what it is going to take to make it, it's to the point to where i just set up a U-U-G and just start it when im ready and whomever joins it joins it, shame too as plat is a blast when 4 are working together. And no im not talking about the box of shame, Im talking about unknown maps.

Based on my experience, i dont know what you two are talking about. My success rate is more than 85% Id say with the groups i have, not just on Rio. Ive seen maybe a couple people try to join games on platinum with under level 15s, and with bad gear. They were kicked by everyone almost immediately.

The Dlc seems to be making things easier, with more classes that seem to be effective on platinum. most of the lobbys i start or end up in have at least 1-2 characters from the new dlc, and from what ive seen perform better on average(less dying, more points/damage) than most classes.

I had my first platinum extraction tonight.  Gold is a solid test of my skill level so I usually don't try platinum.  This is maybe the fourth or fifth time I've tried it.  I finished second on the scoreboard w/ a run of the mill Asari Adept, armed w/ Arc Pistol X.

Geth Juggernaut really came in handy for banshees and phantoms and a volus healer dude armed with the Skorpion finished 1st.  The other dude was a human sentinel who setup some decent biotic combos w/ me.  All randoms.

I also didn't really bring any special equipment into the match except the commando gear package.  I never really use the equipment power-ups.

Congratulations on your first Platinum extraction "AcadiaPaul"  :)  I honestly didn't think that I could do it, but I was able to solo-run Gold on my first attempt with my Krogan Vanguard against the Geth on Firebase Glacier Hazard Edtion and it was the most difficult match that I have had to date; it was an absolute nightmare!  I am never going to do another Gold solo-run and I will just stick to Silver solo-runs from now on  :)  I would also like to take this opportunity to tell the players that have conquered Platinum "awesome job guys, you rock!"  :)

I stand by my statement killopolly. I will stick to playing with friends, you can stick to randoms. I care not to waste my equipment on people that I dont know or care about. I will go out of my way to pick up my friend as they would for me. Your not going to get that kind of devotion in random rooms. Plus in random rooms you will find people who's ego is out of control and they go out to the field and run around like idiots thinking they would stay on their feet longer than 30 seconds.

Well Ill throw myself into piles of brutes and ravagers to get downed teamates, even if they are random, and havent really seen people that go down every 30 seconds like you say so. Well no matter now, with the randoms i found, i made friends with many of the successful platinum runs, and have since even done the platinum extractions against all 4 enemy types with them, even had a random for collectors. Just playing with randoms has been a lot more helpful than this forum ever was.