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Im looking for people to play with who do good in team death match but loose every game because their teammates stink


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This...doesnt make sense.

thats cause your a 11 year old this is for big boys kid

Ok I have guys on my team and they suck ok thats the first part the next part is I do good thats the second part the next part is we loose because my teammates do bad get it?

Ok, then make sense in your original post Mr.Illiterate

lol it did make sense you *** 2 year old you wouldnt no you never do get in a game your one of my teammates who suck

this forum is dead and is full of 12 year olds

Calling someone a twelve year old: The world's most hard-hitting insult.

This forum is probably filled with 12 year olds yes, and people who didn't get past third grade English it seems...

At least I'm a 12 year old that can ****in' spell and use grammar right.