Looking for people to race online.

Me and my bro have been searching for people to race against online in custom playlists and so forth. We are serious racers and we are looking for people who are skillful, polite drivers to race against (ie: people who actually break for corners and who try not to crash into other racers at any given opportunity). Preferably you will have custom races that you have created that we can add into playlists.

If you are interested, my Gamertag is TekMerc, please send me a msg.


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Finally some real racers up in here

This would interest me. I like to race but only sports and supers. This guy zone up above this post is actually a really good racer as well.

I raced with tekmerc and his bro, and they are the perfect reason why I tell people that I am not the best racer there is. almost had them a couple times, but boom, spin out, then 2nd or 3rd place. racing with these guys, you can not afford to make ANY mistakes.

I thought they were legit and didnt want people who spin them out? Its ok for them though? Or was it not on purpose?

no, there are indeed legit. when ever one of them would spin me out, they would wait for me, but if I would spin out on my own, they would keep going lol. I know why I was spinning out though. the track was made by a gamer, it was my first time playing on the tracks we raced on, and the ground was super bumpy. I know they beat me because they are brothers and they obviously made the track together. proud moment was keeping up with them on multiple turns, but if one is to master the tracks they built, or even master driving on dirt, then those track can be beaten. I am a drifter, ON THE STREET