Looking for people to play with

I cant stand going into a CTF or Headquarters game and no one talking or working together. I find myself having great games when the team I am on is sociable. Add me plz! All my friends are either playing an rpg or Battlefield.


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How old are you? I play domination, team work style but I'm not interested in talking to kids. Hit me up if your not 1.

I only play CTF because its more fun. If you want to play sometime send me an invite

I'm in.....

If your still looking for people to play with,i'm not a little kid and i'm actually willing to use team work to get the job done. Just hit me up sometime

No Kids, Talking it up, im in

addme, im pretty peed of with kids ruining it and no one talking but will have a few hours on it each day

Ill send a F/R