Looking for people to play with

I am usually laid back. I like to win but it is not imperative. I enjoy talkative people but I am not exactly chatty myself. I have a mic and I am a team player. My old GT was Goramit / x804x43n15 before I got a new system (if you want to check my previous stats).

I am currently a silver but I have a 3 month card and a free month I am going to redeem when I get done with Mass Effect 2. 

I like slayer and objective games (LOVE snipers). I have all the DLC.

Add me!  Also interested in ME3 Multi and Halo 3 Customs


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You know you could have downloaded your profile to your new system (Just saying)

Feel free to shoot me an invite sometime. I'm looking to get back into this game =]

Invite me sometime. I need more people to play with.

Im going to also get back into this game. Shoot me a invite if you would like.

if you like swat I will play, i am not really a slayer guy but I will play.

i play grifball, swat, team snipes, occasional race or sum weird custom maps (theme b, trash compactor etc.)... also sum firefight too..