Looking for people to play with

Posted this in the Reach forums but it applies here too:

I am usually laid back. I like to win but it is not imperative. I enjoy talkative people but I am not exactly chatty myself. I have a mic and I am a team player. My old GT was Goramit / x804x43n15 before I got a new system (if you want to check my previous stats).
I am currently a silver but I have a 3 month card and a free month I am going to redeem when I get done with Mass Effect 2. 
I like slayer and objective games (LOVE snipers). I have all the DLC.
Add me!  Also interested in ME3 Multi and Halo 3 Customs.

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Would you be interested in playing Team Slayer with me?

Sure. Hit me up. I am usually with this clan I just joined but I can sneak out for a few matches. If we can get 2 more even better.

If you're trying to rank up then I would suggest lone wolves before team slayer. The team slayer playlist is infested with derankers and tryhards these days and you will definitely run into these people more often then not. Just some advice from a guy who knows.

count me in too. i like to win but its not that important to me to win

hey guys invite me too