Looking for people to play with also

I'm easy going and not super competitive. Looking for anyone, I dont care about skill level, who just wants to play and have fun. Send me a request.


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I should also add that I'm on the East coast (US) and will primarily play at night (and when not playing Kinect games with family & friends)

you cana dd me, im workign my wqay through again before BL2 comes out. just wanna chil and work through the game and not be challenged to duels every 5 secs by players 40 levels above me :)

I am a pretty laid back player.  I have a high 50's Siren, and the rest are all low levels.  Looking to work on Knoxx missions, Crawmerax, whatever.  Or start again with my lower level characters.  Don't have the Claptrap DLC though, maybe later.  East coast as well

hey im a sweet team player im about level 54 soilder looking for some to do add ons with plase add me im always online lthanks guys :D

I need help with a lv 11 char ..can i join ?

sup i have all four character done but i like to do all the challenges n the game just getting kills with certian weapons but i dont mind helpin out n the playthroughs. outa town now but be back n a few days just msg me