Looking for people to play minecraft RPG servers with.

I run three minecraft RPG servers and recently our numbers have shrunk, drastically!

I am looking for new people to play on mine and my friends RPG servers.

The main server was made when the game first came out and the town revolves around a giant building that we refer to as 'the Kremlin' This town has three housing districts, one designated market district, two fighting arena's and more.

We have two others, both works in progress. One is a castle, the other is a desert town.

We also do many games, such as capture the flag, hunger games, and what we call 'anarchy mode' where we just team up and kill one another on our RPG servers (we do not save)

All ages are welcome as long as you aren't a troublemaker.

Know that there will be confrontations. Some people have their moments, do expect people to be people every now and then. lol!

We do have some rules, but they are reasonable and necessary rules which you will learn if you want to join our servers.

I my self am 16. 

Add me and message me that you are from the forums or interested and i will handle it from there.

There is much more, i would rather fill everyone in person.

If you are interested, we look forward to learning new things from you. We invite good builders, especially. 


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I would love to join! I own/owned a build team so I'm experienced. I hate griefing probably more than anyone so you can trust me =P I'll go ahead and send you a message sometime =]

i would like to join im 14. experienced player.

I enjoy new challenges. i will join. I am 14 years old and have a mic. Lots of experience.