Looking for people to play Horde with us.

Add myself or my g/f Zombiemasher6k if your interested.. team player's only.


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You going to play on Insane Mode anytime soon?

I'll play Horde with you. I'm a team player, so no worries. Always have a mic, and I play afternoons and evenings on EST.

I'm up for Horde. No one I know likes to play. I'm usually on most afternoons.

We're going to be moving up the skill level's as and when we feel capable of the progression.. tbh we've got the game down, but due to always getting landed with selfish people who HOARD their points and dont communicate ect we end up failing around 35-40.. As soon as we have a steady team capable of doing the higher level's we'll do them :)

You guys have any mutators unlocked? Infinite ammo, super reload, instagib melee?

FR sent to both.  I have a few people on my list that I run Horde with (my wingman partner is one of them), so majority of the time, I can bring a full crew, but at the least, USUALLY myself and 1 other.