Looking for people to play Battlefield 4 with on Xbox One.

<-- As you can see my Gamertag is "Chrissy xP". I have premium so I have all released maps thus far.

I was level 40 with 1.45 K/D ratio until I had issues with my Origin account and had EA un-link my GT so I could link it to my main Origin account which also reset all my stats and level.

Now I'm just Level 9 with 1.66 K/D ratio.

I would prefer to play TDM / SQDM / DOM but I'm sometimes up for Conquest or CQ Large / Rush.

I have a headset and not many of my friends have Xbox One yet so just looking for some decent players to squad up.

If you add me, send me a message on XBL and I'll add you too.

See you on the battlefield. (Sorry for the pun)


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