Looking for people that play GoW3 24/7 lol

I play it like all day and my bf is tired of the game already, I need people to play with that are constantly playing! lol.I play online and horde sometimes. I also need more girls to play with so feel free to add me :)


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Not a girl but i play often

I'm a King of the hill addict: kanne80

Im playing it a tonne and the moment and probably will be for at least a month ach's. im currently level 70 so still got a bit to do. Looking for a group to do horde, beast and the character match ach's with so feel free to add me.

Hey if it's not too late I'll add you and you can join our little group we need one more for a team anyway for multiplayer :)

My gamertag is: Butters7991.    Message me if you want.

I've just lost my job so I'll be on quite a bit.

Hello, I need someone to play RAAM'S SHADOW co-op. You game?

I'm sure you'll play Judgment so add me. Gt T0PP HATT

That's a zero in topp...

Also post in Epic's forums as well: