Looking for other 25+ casual/new minecraft players!

I just started playing a month ago and just joined Xbox live....so I really don't have any friends to play mincraft with. I play casually and I am not a hardcore player, but it would be nice to have company some times. Feel free to add/mssg me :) GT: Vilusu

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I'm getting kinda bored of Minecraft on my world/worlds add me if you want, i'll jump into your world help you out if you want.

I'm play on survival.  Trying have been through many friends of different ages.  It's difficult to find good players agreed.  Add me if you want, but I'm on at odd hours.

If you need help with anything: building, mining/suplies, achieves, whatever...I can help.  I'm usually on helping with my daughter and her friends on thier world or tweeking my own, seed testing or just putsing around taking screenshots, but I always have time to come and help out.  oh...25++ :D