Looking for Onslaught Players

I just got this DLC, and I would really like to team up with some players and get the achievements for it.

Unfortunately, the players I find with at random either have no team gameplay whatsoever, team-kill, or just goof off the whole time.

If you're down to get these achievements with me, please send me a TEXT/VOICE message along with a Friend Request, so I don't delete you for being some random person.



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I bought it today, played 4 games, got all 8 achievements. All randoms. I don't know if I got lucky or what, but we got stuff done. Trust me, it's doable with randies...

I did it too with randoms,better if you party up with em though.Definately do-able.May have to back out a few times to find a good squad for the HC ones though.

I like onslaught so you can always send me an invite.

i've done it all but don't mind doin it again send us a message if you need me

You can add me if you want. I'll play any class, but I don't have a mic right now.

I can fly, tank, whatever.

engineer with tracers and expl/ extra damage is the best load out for onslaught. use the assault kits of the enemies you kill to drop ammo for you and your team.