Looking For New Live Friends

Hello everyone!

I like to play COD: Ghosts.  I"m not very good at it, but I'm always looking for someone to play with on Live, so if you're interested, just add me as a friend and send me a quick message about what games you play.  :)  Gamertag:  HollyBlack42.  Cheers!


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I play this game alot.And i can bring some friends to help us out.

im not all that great but i try to have fun ..im looking to join up in a clan aswell ..i also love playing extinction

Join ToXB then. www.toxbclan.com

I'm not that great at this game, but experience helps and it's more fun with friends. You can send me a friend request if you want. I also play GTA 5 on a regular basis with friends plus Black Ops 2,Battlefield 4,MW3,etc.

I play COD ghost, GTA 5 , Nba 2k14, Titan Fall ,   Just got that Watch  Dog  haven't played it as yet .... ADD Me @  Phycoticbull   working on buying some more games