Looking for new friends!

My friends and I are looking for some new people to play with.  If your interested let me know we have been playing reach but we do play gear2, shadowrun, black ops, mw2, etc... It is really what ever we feel like playing.  Let me know if you want to play with us or if your interested at all send me a message. My KDR is 1.31 to save you time... lol my one friend is 1.2 and the other is like .9 and we pick on him all the time but all skills are welcome.  I rather someone loose gun fights then not talk at all.  KDR doesnt matter to us we just want communication.


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Yo send me a friend request. Im down to play any time!!

Wow!  Shadowrun, really?

Shadowrun is easily the best FPS on Xbox Live.  Balanced.  Fun.  Thinking man's FPS too.

Just question before send a request out to you?  Are you have fun first gamer or do you have to win all the time or get upset if not winning gamer?

Shadowrun is 'easily the best FPS on Xbox Live'?


I've never played it but it must be pretty good since it's 'the best' even though it looks like a magic/shooter [removed].

Well I'd be your friend I just need my 360 fixed so I could start playing again.

Hey I'm up for some of that, send me friend request anytime

Feel free to add me. I need more friends that play Reach.